RNG EKO GREEN IT Laser Marking Machines

Ratnesh International launched RNG EKO GREEN brand in India for IT Laser machines which saves energy and are eco-friendly. With advanced equipment, superb technology, excellent product quality, after-sales service and rich management experience, Ratnesh International IT Laser has developed into a well-known manufacturing enterprise in laser series products in the Asia-Pacific region.

RNG EKO GREEN IT Laser machines applies for industries of lighting, electronics, auto parts, chemical, jewellery, cosmetics, kitchenware, stationery, food, tobacco, craft gift etc., mark-able materials like stainless steel, aluminium alloy, metal-coated materials, electroplates, industrial plastic(PVC/PC/PU), rubbers, ceramic etc. Laser technology is breakthrough in marking logos, bar code, sequence number, batch number, dates and other custom specific markings. Laser machines are also used for welding and cutting.

Laser machines are far better than traditional silkscreen printing machines. Traditional machine markings get fade, do not stick firmly and can tear away easily specially in case of small labels. Laser machines don't consume ink like traditional machines. In traditional machines there is need to open film tooling each time for different markings but in laser machines different markings can be designed in computer software and it is tooling independent. There are no shape limitations in laser marking machines. Laser machines have very low running cost in range 400 Watt to 700 Watt.

We have Fiber, CO2 and UV laser marking machines and CO2 laser cutting machines. The fiber machines are available in 10 W and 20 W options. 20W machine is 25% more fast then 10W. So it depends on the product type, quantity, size of logo and type of surface to be marked that which laser machine to be used. C02 laser machines are available in 30W, 60W, 100 W, 130 W, 175 W and 275 W. UV laser machines are available in 3W, 5W and 10W. Some of our most selling RNG EKO GREEN IT Laser machine models are below.

RNG-ITFB10/20-1: This (Platform Fiber Laser Marking Machine) is used for flat surfaces like led panels, drivers/ballasts, powerbanks, chargers, mobile phone covers etc.

RNG-ITFB10/20-5: This (Multi Station Rotating 3 D Fiber Laser Marking Machine) is our patented laser machine especially for high output of led bulbs, CFLs, tube lights, drivers etc. 10 W machine does 1000-1200 pcs/hr and 20 W does 1200-1500 pcs/hr. You can choose 8, 6 or 4 station platform. This machine can be designed for drivers also where on multiple stations the drivers can be marked for flat surfaces. Then this model will become RNG-ITFB10/20-3. (Here 3 means rotating platform).

RNG-ITCO2-30/60-1: This (Glass Laser Marking Machine) is CO2 laser machine which is specially designed for marking on glass, leather and wood products like glass bulb light, HID light, ashtray, glass door & window, glass vessel, bamboo ware, wooden ware, leather etc.

RNG-ITQG-1410T/1610T: This (Non-Metal Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine) is C02 laser machine which is used for cutting and engraving on non-metal like acrylic sheets, cloth, laser, wood, bamboo, rubber, crystal, ceramic tile etc.

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