Automobile Machinery Parts, Materials & Accessories

We represent Zhejiang Cathaya Group & Zhuji Heist Motor and manufacture our own brand “RNG EKO GREEN” for the supply of below automotive parts, materials & accessories. Apart from this we have business development & RND team to develop and design new innovative products in automobile industry. We can customize all these products as per customer requirements.

  • Car Vacuum Cleaners (RNG EKO GREEN)
  • Car Air Compressors / Tyre Inflators (RNG EKO GREEN)
  • Glass Breaking Hammers (RNG EKO GREEN)
  • USB Mobile Chargers for 2/3/4 Wheelers (RNG EKO GREEN)
  • Electric Bi-Cycle & Accessories (RNG EKO GREEN)
  • Magnets (Alni, AlNiCo, NdFeb, Ferrite, SmCo etc.): We can supply almost all types of magnets as per your drawings and requested material. We also have specialized person for magnets who can support customers anytime for new projects.
  • BLDC Motors: We supply BLDC motors for electric bikes, e-rickshaw, electric bi-cycles and for other automotive vehicles. The most selling BLDC motors for electric bikes are 350W, 500W, 800W & 1000W. We can provide more high power BLDC motors. We can also supply throttle, DC-DC converter & controller.
  • Polycarbonate sheets / Hard coat sheets/ Insulation sheets
  • Instruments Clusters & Parts
  • Speedo Movements
  • Bearing Blocks, holders, spindles and brass parts
  • Automobile Wedge Bulbs
  • Seamless Steel Tubes
  • Brass Bourdon Tubes
  • Nickel Silver Strips

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