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We supply lamination, tempering, insulation lines for both architecture and automotive glass in India. We provide complete solution for glass industry from glass processing machineries to raw materials & spare parts. We share our expertise and knowledge to set up the glass processing factories. We provide end to end solutions to our customers from machine manufacturing, shipping, custom clearance, transporting the machines to customer factory, installing machines and providing training. We also help to calculate the running cost of factory including labor cost, electricity cost and raw material cost so that customers can calculate ROI and profit based upon their sales. We have team of engineers to provide after sales support.

Our company thrives on selling all kinds of products with high quality throughout the country and all over the world, such as Flat Glass Tempering Furnace, Bent Glass Tempering Furnace, Double Direction Flat & Bent Glass Tempering Furnace, Tempering Furnace for Sidelites & Backlites, Thermal Bending Machine, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Architecture Lamination Line, Glass Washing Machines, Automatic Glass Cutting Line, Glass Edge Grinding Machines, Glass Drilling Machine, Automobile Windscreen Lamination Line, Insulation Line for Automobile & Architecture Glass.

We supply all types of Glass & PVB film India. We supply both architecture and automotive PVB film of very high quality. We can make PVB of customized size and colors. We can make PVB with width up to 3300 mm and thickness from 0.2 mm – 1.52 mm thickness. We supply clear float glass, extra clear glass, tinted glass, mirror glass and also customized processed glass (laminated windscreens/tempered/insulated) for OEMs.

We have been taking part in glass exhibitions nationally & internationally since many years for both Glass machines and PVB film. We have been taking part every year in Glasstech India Exhibition since 2012. In 2014 we took part in Shanghai Glass Fair 2014 for both pvb film and glass machines.

We supply below products in glass industry.

  • Tempering Machines for Architecture Glass (Flat & Bent)
  • Tempering Machines for Automobile Glass (Backlites & Sidelites)
  • Full Automatic Laminated Glass Processing Line
  • Semi-Automatic Laminated Glass Processing Line
  • Insulation Line for Architecture & Automobile Glass
  • Autoclave
  • Pre Heating & Pressing Machine
  • Glass Washing & Drying Machine
  • Vacuum De-Airing Machine For Bent Lamination Line
  • PVB Combining/Unwinding Machine
  • Heat Soak Furnace
  • Continuous Thermal Bending Machine
  • Printing, Powdering & Ink Drying Machine
  • Spare Parts, Accessories, Hardware, Tools & Materials for Glass Processing Machineries
  • PVB Film (Architecture & Automobile)
  • Glass (Clear Float glass, Extra Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Aluminum Mirror, Silver Mirror)

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